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Ademi Profil Ltd has 25 years of experience in the Albanian market in the field of civil construction. The company was established as a branch of another company Er-rald sh.pk has its beginnings since 1993 where it started its activity in the Albanian market as a profiles shop under the direction of Mr. Adem Estrefi who is also the founder of this company. With the gradual growth in the Albanian economy market as well as the professional growth of the company, in the early 1996s our company added another sector, the production and assembly of metal railings, metal doors and various other metal works. Iron railing and handicrafts succeeded in the market as they attracted the attention of the customers, as market demand brought about the need to open the Duralumin manufacturing sector, so the company also introduced Dural production and assembly in 2002. As a result of their success in these areas, and with the demanding intensity of customers and the market these lucrative sectors lead to the opening of a new sector, which is today the core sector of Er-Rald ltd. Under the current direction of Mr. Erjon Estrefi the company Er-Rald Sh.pk started production and installation of Metal Constructions, in which we have been licensed by the Ministry of Works of Tirana.


The company helps engineers who need design and construction of metal structures. The purpose of the company is to increase customer loyalty to the products it manufactures and markets, to satisfy their needs, good behavior and communication skills for their prompt service and at a reasonable price which is one of the main factors affecting in purchases, based on the latest developments in the study of consumer demand. Ademi Profil creates harmonious relationships with the exterior elements of the building when applying metal structures in combination with interior design, doors, windows, decorative railing and also metal grids for drainage systems, sewers, etc. Metal constructions are available for maximum functionality and can be built at a very reasonable price. They have longevity and can be built very quickly. Ademi Profil will continue to be on the side of any business seeking the highest quality products, products with European standards and their guarantee.


Ademi Profil guarantees comfort, security and design in various ways of conceptualizing materials. The trend comes in the contemporary context where architects use materials in new dimensions for buildings and design where engineering rules are strictly adhered to. Metal constructions require high-quality materials and products to provide contemporary workmanship and these elements are offered by Ademi Profil Company at all times.

25 years experience in the field of metal structures

  • Metal cleaning: Various welding, painting of metal structures, metal rings.

  • Manufacture, installation of iron stairs: iron stairs, emergency stairs, decorative works, iron chairs, metal tables, etc.

  • Manufacture, trade and assembly of railing: Metal railing, xing railing, enclosure railing, industrial railing, paint railing, aluminum tubing railing.

  • Manufacture of metal carriers: Canal carriers, drainage carriers, carrier pads, industrial carriers, industrial and zinc carriers etc.

  • Metal Structures: Metalwork, galvanized metal construction structures, metal structures, warehouse construction etc.

  • Aluminum, Ironwork: Surrounding Doors, Metal Gates, Sliding Doors, Doors and Windows, Automatic Surrounding Gates, etc.

  • Aluminum facade: glass facade, alucobond facade, aluminum facade, crane assembly, technical assistance in the field of metals etc.